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School Based Service Locations

We proudly serve schools throughout the Magic Valley/Region 5 Area

Proactive hosts a variety of school-based providers: Community Based Rehabilitative Specialists, Habilitative Support Specialists, Habilitative Interventionist, Behavioral Interventionist and Behavioral Interventionist Paraprofessionals. 

Each of our staff is trained and receiving ongoing training in order to assist the clients that they work with in the school environment. Helping those kids find a better way to deal with potential problems within the school through learning better more appropriate responses to challenges, learning coping mechanisms when things do not go the way they expected, and guidance through a series of goals established at the time of service. 

Goals are established by a team consisting of but not limited to parents, school staff, behavioral specialists, psychologist or counselor, and Medicaid. 

Contact your local school district to see if we are in your school and what services are available for your child. 

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