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Community Based Rehabilitation Services

Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) is a program that is offered through the Idaho Medicaid Program that provides an array of rehabilitative services that emphasize resiliency and long term recovery for children with serious emotional disturbances, and adults with serious and persistent mental illness.

CBRS offers a wide range of skill-building, wellness management and reintegration programs to participants on one-on-one or group basis.  These programs are offered in both the home and community to enhance skills to reduce the impact that mental illness has on their lives.

ProActive Behavioral Health employs skilled Rehabilitation Specialists who have professional degrees in human service fields and are certified with the National Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA).  Each of our staff members have successfully completed criminal background checks, and are certified in CPR and First Aid.  Many of our CBRS have received enhanced training related to co-occurring disorders, ADHD, PTSD, and Veterans issues.

ProActive has gender specific and bilingual CBRS practitioners to meet your individual needs and preferences.

*This service must be prior authorized through OPTUM Idaho (Idaho's Medicaid Provider)

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