Pro Active RAP

Restorative Alternative to Detention Program

Pro Active Behavioral Health has collaborated with a variety of community partners to develop an after school program for high risk youth patterned after the Restorative Practices Model.

The purpose of RAP is to:

*Restore healthy relationships and a safe network of support for youth

*To utilize creative thinking and restorative practices to provide solutions for high risk behavior

*To increase accountability

*To repair the harm

*To increase academic performance and reduce the high school drop-out rate

*To strengthen civil society and reintegrate youth into their family and community.

The After School Program Provides:

  • A Theraputic Alternative to Detention, that includes behavioral interventions.  Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART), Life Skills Training, and Independent Living Skills.

  • Crisis Counseling as needed or collaboration with other counseling providers

  • Psycho-Educational Groups

  • Academic Support or Credit Recovery provided by Certified Teachers

  • Family Training and Support

  • After School Supervision in a Safe Environment

  • Transportation to and from program is provided.

*Youth must be referred to the RAP Program by Twin Falls Juvenile Probation.