Psychological Testing & Consultation

A psychological evaluation can assist in establishing or clarifing a diagnosis, provide insight into a client’s overall functioning, identify areas of strength and weakness, it will identify services, and assist in developing plans for treatment and interventions. Psychological evaluations typically include a detailed interview regarding why the client was referred, client’s concerns, complaints, and symptoms, and information about his or her biopsychosocial history. Based on the reason for referral and information gathered during the interview, the client will be asked to complete specific tests and questionnaires. Additionally, other individuals (i.e., parents/guardians, caretakers, and teachers) may be asked to complete questionnaires about the client being evaluated. All of the information from the interview, tests, and questionnaires are used to establish a diagnosis and recommendations, and will be provided in a psychological evaluation report.

Specific Evaluations*:


  • General Diagnostic

  • School (Intelligence, Academic, Behavioral)

  • ADHD

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Screening for Autism Spectrum

  • Intellectual Disability

*Note: It may be possible to evaluate for other specific concerns not listed on this page. The evaluation process is flexible and can be adjusted to meet various purposes. Our psychologist can consult with you to determine if, based on our available testing inventory, we can provide the testing service you need.