School Based Services and Intervention

School Based Services are rehabilitative services provided to children with disabilities who receive services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  These services are provided by schools districts and charter schools and are considered medically necessary for children to participate in their educational program.  Children can qualify for these services if they have been diagnosed with a developmental disability or a severe emotional disturbance that requires behavioral interventions to enable that child to be successful in school.


  • Pro Active Behavioral Health currently provides behavioral
    interventions and support to numerous school districts
    throughout the Magic Valley including: Gooding, Hagerman,
    Shoshone, Bliss, Wendell, North Valley (Charter School),
    Idaho Virtual Academy, Twin Falls, and Castleford.


  • These services include behavioral interventions provided by
    certified Psycho-social Rehabilitation Specialists or Habilitative
    Interventionists who have been trained in approved behavioral
    interventions and are licensed/certified according to the
    qualifications set forth by the Idaho Administrative Code.


  • These services are provided in the school setting and coordinated
    with the Special Education Department in accordance with the child's
    IEP or 504 plan.


  • These services are funded by Medicaid and billed through the School
    Districts provider number.


  • Pro Active can assist school districts in determining a student's
    eligibility by offering Diagnostic Assessments and Consultation
    through our licensed Psychologist.


  • We provide documentation that assures that all contracted staff are clinically supervised and have met strict credentialing and training requirements as well as criminal background checks.

  • All Pro Active staff are trained in data-driven documentation practices that assure your child's educational and behavioral goals are measurable and observable so that your child's progress can be easily tracked and evaluated.

  • Pro Active offers Medicaid billing assistance through our web-based record keeping system allowing schools districts to access a student's records through secured web-portal.





*If you are interested in receiving school based services, please contact the Speical Education Department in your local school district to determine if your child is eligible.

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